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A precisely engineered, tough, reliable pinning solution every time you change your lags!
Pinco USA


Our product range also includes pinned lags for Fearnoughts, Cotton Processing Equipment, Pinned Rolls, Carding Machines, Edge Trim Openers and Pinned Opening Machines of all types.

During each stage of manufacture, PINCO USA is focused on making high quality, reliable lags at competitive prices. Our established manufacturing procedures ensure consistent quality. We have a dedicated approach to quality control and run a continuous 5 S campaign to eliminate waste and errors.

Producing lags for recycling machinery including the replacement of wooden lags and beaters.

Best materials. Proven suppliers. CNC manufacturing.

Purpose—built CNC drilling machines ensure precise pin hole alignment and pin patterns. Lags also are available with our Total Forestation Pattern, which optimizes the opening power of your machine. Bolt hole patterns are according to OEM specifications and are pre-drilled and counter sunk. When bolt patterns are not available, PINCO USA has the ability to provide templates with drill guides.

lag-box-imageInterlocking lags

Our tongue-and-groove profiles provide additional safety. Interlocking lags help eliminate the risk of lags breaking loose, causing expensive damage to machinery. In addition, interlocking lags evenly distribute weight around the opening cylinder. This is very important when balancing dynamic loads.

Precise fitting

PINCO USA lags bolt flush to your opening cylinder, preventing fiber buildup behind and in between lags (a potential fire risk). Our aluminum has a hardness of 125HB and is used specifically where a light and strong structure is required to resist high forces and work loads. We offer a range of three thicknesses of aluminum stave 10-, 12- and 15-millimeter, meaning pin diameters and sizes can be optimized for each application. As OEM suppliers, we maintain original specifications, such as pin layout, diameters, projection, hardness, bend angle, and pin profiles.

The Last Word

Our manufacturing personnel are dedicated, experienced and care about the quality of the product we supply.

Every set of aluminum lags are thoroughly tested and inspected before we ship it.

Continuous development and testing of our products ensures your complete satisfaction!

Contact us today to see how PINCO USA can play a role in your project.
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